Kennewick schools seeks new school site in exchange for land near Hansen Park

March 13, 2014 

— The Kennewick School Board voted Wednesday night to surplus 32.75 acres on west 10th Avenue near Hansen Park.

The school district is discussing a trade with owners of a larger piece of undeveloped property at the intersection of Clodfelter Road, 10th Avenue and Steptoe Street in the area known as “Five Corners.”

“We are looking for 40 or more acres further west so we can build both a middle school and a future elementary on the same site,” said Superintendent Dave Bond in a news release. “This site will allow more separation from Desert Hills Middle School and be accessible from multiple roads, whereas the 10th Avenue site is only accessible from one.”

By law, the district may surplus the land no sooner than 45 days from Feb. 26, the time of public notice. Any sale of the land must still be approved by the board and will be contingent on the district acquiring a larger site for both the middle school and future elementary school.

The district owns sites for two future middle schools and two future elementary schools.

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