Letter: Criticism for overly critical letter writer

March 11, 2014 

Re: frequent letter writer John Faulkner ( who by the way, must be on the editorial staff considering how often he appears on the opinion page), and his screed against anyone trying to solve problems in a world filled with problems.

Bless his heart, he seems to be stuck with one foot in the tea party and the other in the 1950s. He is quick to point out what he sees wrong, but like most on the fringe right, offers no real solutions. One wonders why. Guess it's easier to criticize than than help in a search for answers.


-- Editor's note: John Faulkner is limited to one letter every 30 days, the same as all other writers. However, submissions to our weekly Fast Focus feature don't count toward the 30-day rule. The names of our editorial board members are published every day at the top of the opinion page.

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