Letter: Challenges facing Tri-Cities call for unity

March 10, 2014 

As individuals we see the Tri-Cities having different challenges requiring our resolutions.

If we are to continue to attract the retired as three separate cities, we the people (residents) have demanding challenges that must be met.

I offer these challenges as a three-year resident in the Tri-Cities (Kennewick & Richland).

If not we will continue with gang activity, crime may continue to soar, homelessness will persist, with political activity that continues to be voter favorable, etc.

If we are to appeal to industrial and labor activity, we need the development of acceptable housing for industrial employees, education facilities with staff for employees' children, etc. We must meet these challenges.

Or if we are to continue as a farming community, growth planning must emphasize farming, and all other challenges in the second paragraph of this letter will need to be met.

These challenges can be met. Together, we can and may meet these challenges. If we continue to attempt to meet the challenges as a single organization or person, we may not meet these challenges. Then the three communities may become too much like today, tomorrow.

ED KENEALY, Richland

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