Letter Best: Ki-Be positive

March 9, 2014 

Ki-Be students deserve better.

Ki-Be taxpayers deserve better.

Ki-Be school staff deserves better.

Ki-Be students are great readers and they understand what is behind the headlines like "Servers being probed," "Restraining order denied" or "Ki-Be in chaos."

When I get calls form past students and friends 300 miles away, asking, "What's going on at Ki-Be?" and I don't have an explanation, I feel embarrassment.

Citizens of Benton City want to brag about their school system, but actions of a few rob the many of this opportunity.

Graduates of Ki-Be teach at Ki-Be.

Graduates of Ki-Be own businesses in Benton City.

Graduates of Ki-Be are local firefighters.

Graduates of Ki-Be are school board members.

Graduates of Ki-Be are mayors.

Graduates of Ki-Be make successful western music.

Don't rob Ki-Be of its well-deserved successes with your petty power struggles.


Benton City

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