Chiawana, Pasco students go to State Speech and Debate Tournament

Tri-City HeraldMarch 8, 2014 

Students from Chiawana and Pasco high schools will compete at the 2013-14 State Speech and Debate Tournament in Tacoma. Individual events are Saturday and March 21-22.

The speech and debate season started in October with students competing in tournaments almost every other weekend. Participants may compete in student congress, Lincoln-Douglas debate or public forum debate, and as many as four individual speaking events, which include impromptu, extemporaneous, original oratory, expository, dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation, dual interpretation and interpretive reading.

"There are no cheerleaders, no spectators, no pep rallies," said Vicky Hyde, assistant coach to Chiawana High School's Hawk Talk program. "Students participate because they love the mental challenge of their 'sport.'"

Students who qualified at the 4A state qualifying tournament on Feb. 21-22 at Wenatchee High School are:

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Geoff White, Pasco High; Daphne Gallegos, Pasco High.

Policy Debate: Haley Perdue and Michael Elizondo, Pasco High.

Student Congress: Nicholas Higgins, Chiawana (District Champion), Calvin Go, Pasco High (fourth place), Lloyd LeClair, Chiawana (fifth place).

Extemporaneous Speaking: Lloyd LeClair, Chiawana (eighth place), Eric Hamilton, Pasco High (ninth place).

Expository Speaking: Calvin Go, Pasco High (fourth place); Eva Robbins, Pasco High (seventh place); Belen Beltran, Pasco High (first Alternate); Ashley Hahn, Chiawana (second Alternate).

Dramatic Interpretation of Literature: Nicholas Higgins, Chiawana (second place); Jasmine Dyes, Pasco High (third place); Daphne Gallegos, Pasco High (fifth place); Anna Amoureux, Chiawana (sixth place); Eunice Deras, Chiawana (seventh place); Lorena Lopez, Chiawana (eighth place).

Dual Interpretation: Michael Elizondo and Haley Perdue, Pasco High (first place); Ana Carvajal and Andrew Giddens (ninth place).

Original Oratory: Haley Perdue, Pasco High (second place); Patrick Williams, Chiawana (sixth place); Rafael Tapia, Pasco High (ninth place).

Impromptu Speaking: Lloyd LeClair, Chiawana (seventh place); Eric Hamilton, Pasco (second Alternate).

Humorous Interpretation of Literature: Ana Carvajal, Chiawana (fourth place); Ashley Hahn, Chiawana (sixth place).

Interpretive Reading: Geoff White, Pasco High (second place); Nicholas Higgins, Chiawana (fourth place); Michael Elizondo, Pasco High (fifth place); Anna Amoureux, Chiawana (ninth place).

The students are coached by Ramona Mitchell of Chiawana High and Darby Swanson of Pasco High.

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