Letter: Street dance restrictions

March 7, 2014 

The Cool Desert Nights street dance once was a true Tri-City event. In the past, the street dance was held at a neutral location such as Columbia Point Park, Howard Amon Park or the Uptown Shopping Center parking lot.

Entire families and minors under 21 would attend and participate, as well as adults. This was possible because a separate area was maintained for those adults seeking libation. In addition, registered vendors would set up to offer the public a wide range of items such as ice cream, barbecue, dogs, soft-drinks, popcorn, etc. There was a good time with good music for all.

Recently, however, the street dance has become a Jackson's only event. The bands play in Jackson's parking lot on George Washington Way and Lee Boulevard, but only adults 21 and over can attend. Also, other vendors have not been allowed to participate.

I have complained to the organizers for the past two years and again this year but to no avail. Isn't it time that the street dance once again be open to everyone? In this regard, West Richland's Hogs & Dogs event serves as a great role model. Don't families and kids of all ages deserve a real street dance?


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