Letter: Obamacare too costly

March 7, 2014 

Instead of fixing the old health care problems and adding in what works and throwing out what doesn't, Obama decides on an entirely new health care system, which has become one enormous, costly, burdensome, overbearing debacle, complete with backlogs, backlashes, breakdowns and skyrocketing premiums, deductables and co-pays.

Obama, usurping Congress, has written more than 25 executive orders so far to try and fix the unfixable. A trillion dollars spent to start Obamacare and trillions more in taxpayer money as total implementation nears with millions of people losing their health insurance and doctors when they were told repeatedly that they could keep them.

This whole thing is turning out to be one giant, liberal experiment at taxpayer expense, frustrating most of America that doesn't want it and adding hundreds of billions more to the debt and increasing cost across the board at a time when our Constitution is being abused, jobs are needed and the economy is still in big trouble.


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