Letter -- Congress: Wheeler

March 7, 2014 

Tax reform is a top priority for voters this election cycle. It affects every one of us on a personal level, compelling us to provide private information without due cause.

The FairTax alleviates the requirement to file. The requirement to file violates my Fourth Amendment right to privacy. That amendment states what is required before the government can compel me to provide my private information. Holding down a job is not sufficient grounds to issue a warrant demanding access to private information. The 16th amendment provided the right to tax income, but the Fourth protects privacy and the Ninth protects from contradictory amendments resulting in infringement.

The FairTax removes all need to file information to a government which has no right to compel it. With the FairTax consumption tax, the government is funded, and our privacy is protected.

We need to send someone to Washington, D.C., who is going to protect our right to privacy, and that candidate is Jamie Wheeler.

PATI WAY, Kennewick

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