Letter: Replacing Doc Hastings

March 7, 2014 

There seems to be no shortage of people coming forward to become the representative for the 4th Congressional District. I'm betting they are all good people, but they all seem to have at least one thing in common -- they are all politicians or strive to be politicians.

My candidate would not be a politician. She or he would be a citizen who is honest, smart, faithful, loyal, perceptive, a believer in a higher power, a good listener, a good decision maker and a fearless leader.

He or she would not form an exploratory committee. My candidate would not know influential people who could bundle up some money for their campaign. He or she would not have an address book listing people "in positions" who are well known and would lend their name to the campaign.

This person would make it clear to the party (Republican/Democrat) that he or she is an American first, represents the district and would not sell or trade votes for future favors.

It's time to start over and it's time to regain our founders' vision when they established the framework of the governing body and wrote the Constitution. The time for the public servant to return is now.


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