Letter: Christianity and science

March 7, 2014 

In regard to the letter "Evolution denier" of Feb 26: Most rational people ignore these creationist rants, and I would too; but for the sake of our Christian youth who are considering a career in the sciences, I feel obligated to respond. The author's assertion that thermodynamics contradicts evolution demonstrates his ignorance of at least one, or both, of those subjects.

Furthermore, evolution doesn't say anything more or less about God than does chemistry, or physics or any other of the sciences we use to understand how the world we live in works. Dishonest atheists tell us evolution proves no God; Kool-Aid most Christians are smart enough not to drink. Honest atheists admit they don't know how the life force got started.

All Christians know. Honest Christians admit the debate shouldn't be about evolution vs. creation; it's about whether Genesis is a textbook or a poem. I urge anyone interested, but especially those Christian parents with school-age children, to study the work of Francis S. Collins (director of the National Institutes of Health and avowed Christian) to see how Christianity and "EVIL-ution" actually exalt the very same God.


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