Letter: Doesn't believe study

March 7, 2014 

In response to Richard Badalamente's diatribe against the seemingly right wing (ha!) leanings of the opinion page (Letters. Feb. 25) included a rant against Jay Ambrose's writings. Badalamente wrote that Ambrose is not entitled to his own facts. Well, neither is Badalamente. He stated that oil and gas production has soared under Obama, making it seem as thought it is all because of Obama, when in fact, it is despite Obama that oil and gas production has soared.

The fact is that all the gains in oil and gas production have come on private lands. Obama and his radical EPA have reduced the permits on public lands so that they can continue to champion their favorite energy sources -- windmills and sunspots. So Badalamente and his ilk can continue to tilt at that windmill while serious, hard-working Americans produce much needed energy for its people without interference from Obama and other haters of capitalism. As far as the environmental impact statement showing 50,000 autos worth of generated carbon dioxide, I don't believe a word of any study created by and for the liberal agenda.


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