Letter: Brave new world

March 7, 2014 

Referencing recent articles in the Tri-City Herald about vendors refusing to support gay activities that violate their religious beliefs:

Are we as individuals no longer entitled to have a moral code and be punished when we adhere to that code? If my religion says that abortion is a sin and I own a bakery and someone wants a cake made that says "I love abortion" and I refuse -- that should be my God-given right to do so. If my religion says that gay and lesbian relations are a sin and someone wants a wedding cake celebrating such a relationship, refusal should also be my God-given right.

I may be aware of the pro-abortionist's views and the sexual proclivity of my patrons and still provide service to them (that's called tolerance of others), but when their actions require me to contribute in any way to actions which I consider immoral, and the law of the land attacks me, whose rights are being violated? What ever happened to a business owner's right to refuse service to anyone? No shoes, no shirt, no service! Hey, there's the next Supreme Court case to tackle.

The courts are attempting to redefine God's laws to fit their interpretation of how a brave new world should look.

Even though this is folly, the havoc that is being created might cause the downfall of this great nation.


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