Letter: Imagined fees for city of Kadlec

March 6, 2014 

In the March 2 "Your Letter Best," Gina Hugo planted a startling thought that Kadlec Regional Medical Center would eventually consume the entire city of Richland. As we see these tall blue monoliths popping up all over town, it's a signal of things to come.

The first step we can expect in this new city of Kadlec will be booths on all roads entering the city where travelers will be assessed a "visiting fee." This will be in addition to the money they will spend for goods and services while visiting. This will be a simple extension of Kadlec's new practice of separate bills for entering their various facilities, covering provided parking space, use of waiting rooms and costs of utilities for those facilities.

Next, when we city of Kadlec residents receive our first utility bills, we will note separate additional charges for a neurologist who reviewed our electrical use, a urologist who reviewed our water flow rates and a gastroenterologist to assess sewer monthly use.

The bypass highway will take on new relevance as the new arterial for cardiac care. Parks will be re-designated as convalescent centers where special fees apply, depending on amenities provided. Possibilities are endless.

With a clinic on every corner of town, we could be recognized as the "medical community of the nation," far overshadowing our current fame for fine wines, Carousel of Dreams and leaky tanks. A true higher level of care will have been achieved and tourists will flock here by the thousands.


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