Letter: Creation vs. evolution

March 6, 2014 

The arguments over creation and evolution never seem to end. I don't understand why people see an issue. Religion (creation) has to do with guiding the faithful through life and on to their heavenly reward, not whether or not they have a simian ancestor.

Think of it this way: Christian religions (the only one I am familiar with) are tied together by the Bible. The Bible is a complete document; all the answers are in there. Our religion is explained as a relationship between the creator and the created. Our body came from this Earth and will be returned to this Earth. Our soul is a spiritual creation, not an earthly one.

Science (evolution), on the other hand, is our effort to understand the universe that we live in. We learn by using our curiosity to observe and study, and use our intellect to test and explain. Sometimes we are right and sometimes it's back to the drawing board. The struggle is always forward to make new discoveries and risk failures. Science can't prove that God exists or does not. That should never be the goal of true science, just as true religion should never persecute because of different beliefs.


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