Letter: Don't call them faith-based signs

March 6, 2014 

In response to the Feb. 24 letter from Shelley Hansen advocating a "Faith-based business sign." A "faith-based business" symbol placed on the storefront or website of a business would warn people that those running the business may decide to randomly insult and humiliate customers based on their own interpretation of whichever portion of the Bible (or other holy book) they were obsessing on that day.

Since "faith groups" do not agree on who should be persecuted (i.e. refused service), the symbol would simply be a warning that you are taking your chances in that store.

A business open to the public in the United States should serve the public as the laws state. If one does not want to serve the public, close the business and open a private club where the owners can restrict service to people with similar views. Perhaps this could be determined by a questionnaire at the door?

Whatever the solution, do not call it "faith-based" since discrimination is offensive to many people of faith.


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