Where would the money go if the criminal justice sales tax is approved?

March 5, 2014 

This is where the money would go if a Benton County criminal justice sales tax proposal is approved by voters.

“Sworn” positions indicate uniformed law enforcement officers.

Estimated total per year: $9,176,006

Municipalities: $3,626,006

Kennewick: 15 sworn positions, one assistant city attorney, two support staff -- $1.9 million.

Richland: six sworn, three support staff — $1.2 million.

Prosser: one sworn, 0.8 support staff, technology and training — $140,400.

West Richland: three to four sworn — $330,200.

County: $5,550,000

Clerk’s office: two full-time-equivalent (FTE) deputy clerks, information technology, other support for deputy clerks — $117,476.

Superior Court: seventh judge, 0.5 FTE court commissioner, juvenile and adult drug court funding, Selective Aggressive Probation program for juveniles, functional family therapy — $571,471.

District Court: judge pro tem, professional services, jury fees, print bindery, additional staff by increasing part-time and one FTE, information technology equipment, miscellaneous -- $159,300.

Coroner’s Office: one FTE deputy coroner — $72,000.

Sheriff’s Office: seven sworn, two support staff, two jail booking staff, four corrections staff, inmate management system, radio maintenance — $1.9 million.

Prosecutor’s Office: felony deputy prosecutor, appellate deputy prosecutor, adult felony staff position — $264,289.

Public defense: Superior Court staff defender, District Court contract defender, one FTE legal assistant, one FTE office support, convert office manager to supervisory position — $215,330.

Gang & crime prevention and intervention:

Nurse-family partnership program for county residents through Health Department -- $303,487.

Partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs (after-school programs for gang prevention and youth empowerment) and other similar programs -- $500,000.

Partnership with Safe Harbor Support Center/My Friends Place for homeless at-risk youth -- $50,000. Continue funding for Metro Drug Task Force: 100% of deputy prosecutor salary/benefits, 75% of salary/benefits for two support staff, 100% of additional metro detective and related equipment (returning to previously funded two-person strength) — $400,000.

Mental Health Court and diversion: District Court judge and probation officer, prosecutor and public defender, chemical dependency professional, peer support specialist, treatment cost support for participants (supplementing insurance where needed and providing access for uninsured), case management services for court and mental health diversion/triage -- $600,000.

Reserve fund: for consideration of additional criminal justice programs like reduction of jail expenses, mental health services for jail inmates, re-entry services and programming for jail inmates -- $367,631.

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