Letter: What I believe

March 4, 2014 

My beliefs have never caused people to be burned at the stake or burned with hot irons. My beliefs do not require salvation for something you did not do. My beliefs do not condemn you for your sexuality, your sexual preference, your tattoos or your penchant for beer, bacon or coffee.

My beliefs do not make you whirl, roll, kneel or chant. My beliefs demand no money, no worship, no pilgrimages, no bathing in polluted water. My beliefs do not make you pay for temples, mosques, cathedrals or other pretentious things.

There are no wars fought for my beliefs, no executions, no pogroms, no women subjugated. My beliefs do not drive crusades, jihads or airplanes into buildings. My beliefs do not persuade or threaten with dubious promises of reward or punishment. My beliefs do not implant fear, hate, guilt or superstition in children.

My beliefs are not based on ambiguous writings composed by those who claim privileged knowledge. My beliefs have never been an alienator of individuals, tribes or nations.

I believe in compassion, tolerance, justice, fairness, reason, peace, friendship, art and the truths gained from the process that is science.


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