Letter: Rabbit redux

March 4, 2014 

In response to Cynthia McCready's letter on Feb. 14.

I am not a 4-H Diamond leader but I am a very dedicated animal rescuer and provide foster care for homeless pets. I also educate the community about pet rabbits. I am not misinformed as McCready stated. I do not breed, raise, sell or show rabbits. Most of my rescues and fosters are caused by breeders who sell rabbits to uneducated people who end up dumping or surrendering their rabbit!

McCready said she never saw a rabbit live past 8 years? Well , my oldest rabbit is more than 10 years old and doing just fine! As for rabbits being solitary animals, McCready could not be more incorrect. I have seven rabbits and six of them are paired off and must not be split up! And yes, they are fixed. Males spray and females are susceptible to uterine cancer when unfixed. It's a healthy choice for them and I am not looking to breed my pets!

My rabbits are inside house pets and part of my family and I care greatly for my fosters as well and would like to see them go to good people in forever homes.


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