Letter: Thinking out of vogue?

March 4, 2014 

I am a 54-year-old American and a veteran. I recently was shocked and awed. I took my beloved granddaughter to see the movie Lego. I am very glad she was able to see this movie. It has a good, kind and moral message. I, as a semi-elderly man used the restroom halfway through the movie. I walked out, talked with the young man about the restroom location. I then walked by him, made eye contact and went to the concessions. I bought my granddaughter some candy and then returned less than 3-5 minutes later. I was then fervently asked by the same young man for my movie receipt. Really? Where is commonsense, truth and love anymore? This young man was not high on drugs. He was not someone who did not understand me. The young man was scared not to do as he was told, even though this was stupid. Scary.

I hope better for our youth.


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