Letter: Saying no to all drugs

March 4, 2014 

In October I attended a city council meeting with my scout troop. One of the main items discussed was the legalization of marijuana. I would like to tell you my opinion on the subject.

1. I think that legalizing marijuana sends a message to us kids that drug use is acceptable.

2. I think that marijuana leads to use of harder drugs.

3. I think that marijuana is addictive and the continued use of drugs eliminates the user's ability to think clearly.

4. Drug use is dangerous to everyone else. Driving under the influence is dangerous for others. There is a lot of violence associated with drugs. Children can be neglected by drug-addicted parents.

5. Drugs will get lots of new people to do them if they are easily available.

These are the reasons I don't like to have marijuana legal in our state.


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