Letter: Education, hold the extras

March 4, 2014 

Every time I look at possible colleges and see how much it would cost to attend that college or university, I can't help but wonder how much actually goes to classes and education. Every year students run themselves ragged doing graveyard shifts or second jobs to cover the thousands of dollars that they have to give to continue their education. But how much money goes to the sports, clubs and college budgets that students might not even consider wanting to contribute to?

In the beginning, colleges and universities needed to draw in students and did so by creating sports, clubs and other advancements that the better-off students could indulge in. But in a society where one needs a degree to get a job -- better than a fast food cook -- and where those jobs are hard to find in an economy still recovering from a recession, most can't afford for those fees immediately incorporated into their costs.

At WSU students have to pay a $930 mandatory fee annually that goes to renovation costs of the CUB and part of the Martin Stadium. Students don't need that. They just need the classes and education. Shouldn't students pay for just what they need and want?


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