Letter: Faith-based symbol

March 1, 2014 

A great idea for a universal "faith-based symbol" that allows business owners to advertise their traditionalized bigotry would be a dove with a noose clamped in its beak perched on a swastika. It would epitomize the message behind the current faith-based legislation destined for the unconstitutional junk heap.

Citing the Bible, Shelly Hansen (Letters, Feb. 24) defended outdated, discriminatory beliefs that have been disproved by evidence. The Bible contains many baseless and contradictory endorsements and prohibitions -- many of which Christians conveniently ignore. In the name of decency and sanity, society cannot acquiesce to the whims of religious faith.

I can understand the frustration people of faith are experiencing. Like those who defended slavery with the Bible, protested women's rights with the Bible and fought racial equality with the Bible, they're having difficulty accepting that once again, their infallible divine missive from on high is wrong. Now secular society must drag persons of faith into the light of day regarding sexual orientation.

While religious faith may require the absence of proof to proclaim its gods, it must not use blind faith in ignorant traditions to deny the evidence of humanity's diverse nature.


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