Letter: Old dogs, new tricks

March 1, 2014 

Jan. 12 there was s somewhat unique story of a German organization that, for reasoning not announced, after obvious learned treatment, that dogs determine the precise location of depositing feces so that it is aligned with polarity, that is apparently in a north/south axis in the Northern hemisphere. Delightful! But does this apply to the same dogs in the Southern hemisphere? Does the same rotation equivalent maintain?

Somehow I find this not in keeping with the International practice of using animal studies to benefit humankind after sufficient testing. About as useful as a system to predict when Washington State University will contest the Rose Bowl in football this century.

However, WSU has a renowned animal husbandry/veterinarian college at Pullman. Prompted with a federal grant of sufficient size and length, might be inspired, in the name of enhancing geriatric humanity comfort, in determining how dogs, gender irrelevant, are able to dig up a buried bone after a long period of time, never seemingly deterred by any passage thereof.

Think of it: finding car keys, TV channel changers and, perhaps, the pin number for your only debit card, all of which have been lost a week or so. Think of the benefit for geriatric humankind. Do not say nay!


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