Letter: Momentary joy

March 1, 2014 

As I unrolled my morning's edition of the Herald, a singular moment of euphoria was triggered. Quickly scanning the front page headline, I beheld there the shouted words. "President agrees to new election." My mind raced -- can it be? Surely such momentous news deserves an even bolder announcement -- newsboys at intersections crying "Extra! -- read all about it! Obama repents of lies - admits abuse of executive office!"

But as suddenly as my heart soared at the prospect, hopes were shattered upon detecting the word "Ukraine," a superscript quietly floating above the inspiring headline. So it was only Viktor Yanukovich, president of Ukraine -- and not President Obama who had decided to do the right thing by his country.

Obama's presidency has resulted in great harm to America, but to be fair some good has come, however inadvertently. The narcissistic overindulgence of his early years in office predictably launched the ascent of his political opposition, the tea party and handily delivered control of the House of Representatives to Republicans.

Though chastised, Obama remains defiant. His corrupt and feckless regime assures eventual transfer of the Senate and ultimately the presidency, not to mere speechmakers, but to real leaders and true patriots.


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