Letter: Test fatigue

February 28, 2014 

Letter: Test fatigue

Parents, do you know what your school-aged children will be doing for the next two months? Taking tests! As the assessment coordinator and counselor, I just finished the assessment calendar for Cascade Elementary in Kennewick. I scheduled 91 test sessions of at least an hour each, for first- through fifth-graders over a period of 37 school days, not including make-up sessions.

Fifth-graders are scheduled to take eight separate tests. The sad part is that teachers already know which students are doing well and which are struggling.

According to the politicians, 2014 was the year that schools were to make sure that no child would be left behind. Well guess what; it didn't happen.

I've been an educator for 36 years and schools are better than ever. My two grown children were wonderfully educated in Kennewick schools. And we all worked hard at home to get that education for them. Schools can't make up for the lack of motivation on the part of parents and children, and society's ills can't be cured in our public schools. Until politicians get that, I'm afraid we will continue the mind-numbing policies and constant change thrust upon public schools.


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