Letter: Hanford poachers just thinning the herd

February 27, 2014 

I read with interest the Herald's articles about the elk poachers at Hanford. I know several people who would be glad to pay $6,000 for a chance to bag a trophy elk, especially where there is no hunting competition.

The shooters obviously were only doing their part to keep elk overpopulation under control. Think of the cost if the state had to bring in helicopters and the state workers had to thin the herd.

In addition, management at Wildlands Inc. and Washington River Protection Solutions should be commended for allowing these shooters to keep their jobs and setting an example for others who might want to help manage our elk herds. The judge should reinstate their hunting licenses -- if they ever had one. That they were trespassing on obviously marked areas and shooting without elk tags, also should be overlooked since they were engaged in public service.

Why pay a professional guide $4,000 to $6,000 to shoot a trophy elk when you can get one close to home for the same price and do such a service for our state.


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