Letter: How do architects design?

February 27, 2014 

Architecture is a long and complex career. In the United States, it takes about as long to become a licensed architect as it does take to become a licensed physician. So how do architects design?

Well, think about how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates created new ideas in technology. Jobs didn't invent computers but he made computers and Smartphone's a lot better by thinking outside the box.

Like Jobs, Gates didn't invent computers but he did invent a Microsoft software system that made it easy to surf the web and do other computer-related tasks. Steve and Bill didn't just create everything they did by themselves. They put in a lot of time into their ideas, consulted others and designed as well as modeled their systems.

Design in architecture is a very similar process. To design a building, architects work together with engineers, construction managers and most importantly with the client. Architects take client's ideas and beliefs to design a building or house to fit their lifestyle. They don't just think up a design themselves. Architects believe that it's in the doing, such as sketching, putting thoughts on paper, and modeling that the final design will come.


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