Letter: Physician provided live-saving care

February 26, 2014 

Dr. Sheila Rege of the Northwest Cancer Clinic saved my life. Since 2009, she has guided me through three sessions of radiotherapy, two sessions of chemotherapy, one major surgery and several minor surgeries.

I'd never had phone calls at home from a doctor telling me not to worry or giving me the results of tests until Dr. Rege. (No extended worrying).

On the major surgery, her staff tried to schedule it with a specialist in Seattle and were told that it couldn't happen for at least two months. The cancer was fast moving, and a two-month delay meant it would be moving on to something else.

I'm sure I heard her say the Bastogne "Nuts!" She took the phone, called the surgeon directly and in less than a week the surgery was done. She convinced the surgeon to shoehorn me in. In one day, she arranged for four doctors to see me. Over the years she has helped me coordinate treatments with seven Doctors and my dentists.

It is readily apparent that "quality of care" and personal involvement is utmost in her practice. She received a "Top Doctor" award in 2010, and in my opinion, she should get it daily."

PAT POWELL, Richland

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