Letter: Hanford is a financial black hole

February 26, 2014 

As I read seemingly daily articles regarding the ups and very few downs of the ongoing Hanford saga, I wonder just when the black hole will stop being fed?

First there is the threat of laying off masses, then, all of a sudden, they seem to be getting more and more money, and life is good again -- what a game! Now, money for an interim pretreatment facility? Please!

The government seems to have all kinds of money to continue funding anything that refers to Hanford, as well as other facilities like it (Georgia, for example, is in line for $6.5 billion loan guarantee to build a nuclear power plant as well).

Does no one seems to realize that, as long as funding keeps rolling in, Hanford's vitrification plant will never be completed, especially when no one's held responsible for all the missed deadlines!

Then, I read about the Walla Walla veterans home being in peril because funding got "hung up" at federal level, with the amount of money being a drop in the bucket, compared to anything at Hanford. Sorry, but how messed up are high-level priorities? Very! I certainly can't make much of an impact, but someone must see the waste and close the black hole.

Suzan Hitchman, Pasco

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