Letter: Let market drive wages

February 25, 2014 

The free market needs to be the driver of wages. People not satisfied with their earnings should seek better employment, learn new skills and/or gain more education. Persons wanting a low-wage career should be happy in their work.

My career as a teacher did not pay me a living wage for the lifestyle I wished for my family. I knew the score before I started teaching. So I had a garden, milked three cows, raised baby calves and worked a dozen different kinds of minimum-wage, part-time jobs.

A $15 an hour minimum wage will hurt more low-wage earners than it helps. I have seen my working hours reduced twice and my position eliminated once. If a business is forced to fold, as some suggest would happen because of the increase, it will bring serious problems and misery for workers.

Where do you find employment in this Obama economy with so few jobs available? More poor souls will be forced to exist on the government dole.

At $15 an hour, more and better things will be desired. Soon the bills pile up and the worker will have his nose to the grindstone again.

Other workers now earning $15 or $16 an hour will want and deserve proportionately more for their skills and experience. So wage inflation begins. Followed by price inflation.

W.L. WOOLBRIGHT, Kennewick

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