Letter: Remember to tip

February 25, 2014 

As thousands of local residents work in an industry that relies on tips, there is a disturbing trend happening in our community. Some feel the need to accept certain services, then ignore acceptable tipping practices. These tips are hard-earned and counted on to support families.

What some may not realize, or choose to ignore, is these wage earners are taxed on their hourly wages and assumed tip totals, as estimated by current software. If someone refuses to tip or doesn't tip in the acceptable range, this worker actually loses money. In reality, their minimum wage compensation becomes smaller.

Remember, these wage earners pay a lot into the tax system that supports every group of people, and supports programs in our community that many rely on. It's simple. If you do not have the money to participate in acceptable tipping practices, or choose to ignore, do not use the services provided by these hard-working individuals. They deserve more than you taking money out of their pocket.

There are apps available to help anyone learn acceptable tipping procedures.


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