Letter: EPA running amuck

February 25, 2014 

In regard to the Environmental Protection Agency and its "review" of the proposed Millennium Bulk (coal) Terminal along the Columbia River. They want to further consider the impact of burning coal on global warming. (How's the East Coast doing with that?) It seems like the EPA only has two choices: either we export clean coal or other countries import dirty coal. The latter will have more of a negative impact on our environment.

The EPA is running amuck it seems. It is an agency that has the biggest impact on opening up jobs and most of its impact is political. The president wants to strangle coal and oil out of existence, the Keystone pipeline for example, and now this project. He wants those jobs to open up in ecofriendly businesses. That didn't work out too well as he gave billions to companies that went bankrupt right after they got our money.

As with Keystone, the environmental review will take years to complete. The president hopes that the pipeline's backers will lose interest. This is how he "creates" jobs, by discouraging them and putting as many obstacles in their way as he can.

Watch, he will approve the pipeline just before the midterm elections!


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