Fast Focus: 'What do you think of Gov. Inslee suspending the death penalty?' What a waste As a registered Independent, I applaud Gov. Inslee's decision and note that it does not surprise me. After all, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. -- Brett

February 23, 2014 

Thou shalt not kill. The governor and his ilk are well down the path to enlightenment. Too bad much of the rest of the population is not as far along the path as the governor.

The truth is, execution of criminals is an outrageous waste of human potential.

Such criminals should pay their debt to society by be being used for biological and medical experimentation.

In the future, our descendants will view the wasteful execution of criminals with the same horror we now experience when learning of such events as the Japanese treatment of World War II POWs, Stalinist-era gulags, American offenses against indigenous peoples, The Holocaust, etc.

I enjoy trips to the zoo, and always visit the primate house, where I stand before a cage, look into the eyes of the chimps. I marvel at how close chimps are to my own level. Some more brain power and they will be near human -- near human like me.

I grip a couple of bars, give them a rattle. As I turn and walk away, the chimps scream and shriek, jumping up and down in rage, disturbed by my actions. I'm always amused.

I am amused now.

-- C.E. GEE, Pasco

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