Fast Focus: 'What do you think of Gov. Inslee suspending the death penalty?' Give them a chance As a registered Independent, I applaud Gov. Inslee's decision and note that it does not surprise me. After all, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. -- B

February 23, 2014 

I support Gov. Inslee's decision to suspend the death penalty for various legal reasons, including unequal treatment in death penalty cases. I know this may offend the relatives of victims, but I would remind people of the old adage: Two wrongs don't make a right. Prison treatment philosophy varies from punishment to rehabilitation. I think the latter should be tried first; after all, who hasn't made mistakes. However, released prisoners who continue to repeat heinous crimes and who do not respond favorably to rehabilitation efforts should receive the death penalty. The victims did not receive an option; why should repeat offenders who continue to repeat heinous capital crimes?


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