Fast Focus: 'What do you think of Gov. Inslee suspending the death penalty?' Justice for victims As a registered Independent, I applaud Gov. Inslee's decision and note that it does not surprise me. After all, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. --

February 23, 2014 

By suspending the death penalty in Washington, our illustrious governor has ignored the will of our justice system, which has condemned those guilty of aggravated first degree murder to death.

I really doubt that if one of his children was a victim of murder that he'd be so politically motivated to act as such.

What the governor and so many others who are not the relatives of the victims of murder fail or refuse to realize is that the death penalty is not meant to be a deterrent, but rather a fair and just punishment for the foulest, most vile and despicable crimes imaginable; whether against an adult or a child. True, once executed, they are unable to reoffend.

As a former cop, I can tell you that those on Washington's death row are laughing at this latest turn of events, believing that they have beaten the system by having this advocate in the governor's mansion.

Remember John Walsh, former host of America's Most Wanted and the father of the late Adam Walsh, (age 6 years) who some 30 years ago was kidnapped and murdered (beheaded)? Only some 25 years after the murder did police find out who his son's killer was, and by then it was too late to bring him to justice.

The victims' families deserve justice here and now -- in this life -- and should be forced to wait for the final and eternal judgment.

-- RAY TAYLOR, Prosser

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