Swimming: Hanford's Wertz, Richland's Geideman win titles

February 22, 2014 

Richland’s Patrick Geideman and Hanford’s Will Wertz each earned state swimming titles Saturday night in Federal Way.

Geideman rolled to victory in the Class 4A 500 freestyle event, finishing in 4 minutes, 36.13 seconds — a school record for Richland High.

“I felt really confident going in to the final,” said Geideman, who swam last year at Walla Walla before transferring to Richland. “I would say I knew I had it won around the 400 (meters mark). I knew that I wanted it bad, because I knew I’ve wanted this since I was a freshman.”

It was a great bounce back for Geideman, who was disqualified in the 200 free final earlier in the evening.

“He twitched,” said Richland/Hanford coach Kathy Piper. “His left leg twitched a little at the start, and he broke the plane. He would have been second.”

Geideman, who will swim next fall at the Colorado School of the Mines, knew it happened from the start.

“When I was on the (starting) block and twitched, I knew I’d get disqualified,” said Geideman. “But all the presure to go fast was lifted, and I tried to go fast.”

It made him concentrate on the 500 free.

“As a matter of fact, I felt more determined for the 500 after that,” he said.

Geideman’s teammate, Ashton Pollick, pulled out a third-place finish in the 100 backstroke.

And the 200 medley relay team of Pollick, Ryan Shiplet, Geideman and Corey Bradshaw set a Richland school-record time of 1:38.79 for a seventh-place finish.

Meanwhile, Wertz slashed through the water to win the 3A boys 200 freestyle, touching the wall in 1 minute, 41.81 seconds — more than a second ahead of runnerup Grant Gamroth of O’Dea.

“I was pretty stoked,” said Wertz, who will be swimming for Seattle University in the fall. “I was pretty nervous when I walked out there. But when I was on the block I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be.”

Wertz, who also placed third in the 100 free, becomes the first Hanford boy to win a state title.

It was a fitting end for Piper and assistant coach Randy Willis. Piper is retiring, while Willis will coach the girls in the fall one last time before retiring.

The Richland and Hanford teams each got a state champion and a seventh-place team finish.

Wertz also teamed with James Bennett, Parker Schumacher and Joel Johnson to place fourth in the 3A 400 free relay with a time of 3:16.70.

“We actually broke school record in the prelims on Friday, then broke it again today,” said Wertz. “We got together and said ‘Guys, let’s do this for Kathy and Randy.”

In the 2A meet, Prosser senior Will Burgett finished his prep career by placing second in the 100 breast.

His time of 1:02.22 was only bested by Steilacoom’s James Scott, who won the event in 59.56 seconds.

Burgett also placed third in the 50 free, finishing in 22.08 seconds.

For Piper, it was a great final meet.

She got to see her son, Richland senior Mitchell Piper, place 13th in the 4A 1-meter diving event.

And she was named the Class 4A Swim Coach of the Year by her fellow coaches.

“It was a great recognition,” said Piper. “It was a surprise. It’s always the west side coaches who get honored. It brought tears to eyes.”

At Federal Way

State champions and Mid-Columbia results

Class 4A

Team scores—1. Newport 215.5; 7. Richland 124.

200 medley relay—1. Issaquah 1:35.91; 7. Richland (Ashton Pollick, Ryan Shiplet, Patrick Geideman, Corey Bradshaw) 1:38.79. 200 free—1. Edward Kim (Eastlake) 1:37.42; 7. Tyler Jones (Walla Walla) 1:47.69; Patrick Geideman (Richland) DQ’d in final; 9. Jeff Kern (Richland) 1:46.36. 200 IM—Brian Woodbury (Curtis) 1:50.31; 9. Ashton Pollick (Richland) 1:57.39. 50 free—1. Thomas Anderson (Federal Way) 20.19. Diving—1. Eric Klassen (Redmond) 468.75 points; 13. Mitchell Piper (Richland) 301.10. 100 fly—1. Chase Bublitz (Kentridge) 48.80. 100 free—1. Edward Kim (Eastlake) 43.90. 500 free—1. Patrick Geideman (Richland) 4:36.13; 3. Tyler Jones (Walla Walla) 4:42.44; 6. Jeff Kern (Richland) 4:47.76. 200 free relay—1. Gig Harbor 1:27.91; 13. Richland (Cole Westendorf, Scott Francis, Corey Bradshaw, Jeff Kern) 1:32.35. 100 back—1. Thomas Anderson (Federal Way) 48.10; 3. Ashton Pollick (Richland) 52.27. 100 breast—1. Keith Schendel (Roosevelt) 57.13. 400 free relay—7. Richland 3:16.05.

Class 3A

Team scores—1. Mercer Island 337, 7. Hanford 108.

200 medley relay—1. Bellevue 1:34.09; 5. Hanford (William Wertz, Karl Kintner-Meyer, James Bennett, Parker Schumacher) 1:39.95. 200 free—1. William Wertz (Hanford) 1:41.81; 13. James Bennett (Hanford) 1:47.82. 200 IM—1. Abrahm Devine (Lakeside) 1:47.60. 50 free—1. Michael Lorr (Interlake) 20.90. Diving—1. Aaron Moss (Shorecrest) 451.80 points. 100 fly—1. Todd McCarthy (Bellevue) 48.64. 100 free—1. Noah Deiparine (Mercer Island) 46.46; 3. William Wertz (Hanford) 46.86; 12. Parker Schumacher (Hanford) 49.37. 500 free—1. Abrahm Devine (Lakeside) 4:29.56. 200 free relay—1. Mercer Island 1:25.97. 100 back—1. Todd McCarthy (Bellevue) 48.64. 100 breast—1. Caleb Riggs (Peninsula) 56.98. 400 free relay—1. Mercer Island 3:07.36; 4. Hanford (James Bennett, Parker Schumacher, William Wertz, Joel Johnson) 3:16.70.

Class 2A

Team scores—1. Archbishop Murphy 185 points; 18. Prosser 33; 31. Grandview 4.5.

200 medley relay—1. Steilacoom 1:39.79. 200 free—1. Austin Barnard (Archbishop Murphy) 1:44.68. 200 IM—1. Stephen Boden (Archbishop Murphy) 1:52.01. 50 free—1. Andrew Franco-Munoz (Lindbergh) 21.17; 3. Will Burgett (Prosser) 22.08. Diving—1. Elliott Forde (Archbishop Murphy) 372.00 points. 100 fly—1. Benjamin Scott (Steilacoom) 50.34. 100 free—1. Andrew Franco-Munoz (Lindbergh) 46.60. 500 free—1. Stephen Boden (Archbishop Murphy) 4:34.81. 200 free relay—1. Lake Washington 1:30.80. 100 back—1. Benjamin Scott (Steilacoom) 51.19. 100 breast—1. James Scott (Steilacoom) 59.56; 2. Will Burgett (Prosser) 1:02.22; 14. Micah Binfet (Grandview) 1:08.35; 15. Tavian Valenzuela (Grandview) 1:08.49. 400 free relay—1. Anacortes 3:21.56.

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