Letter: Socialism doesn't work

February 22, 2014 

Letter: Socialism doesn't work

I take this moment to declare: Our liberal socialist governor of this great state of Washington is vying for "Socialist of the Year," trying to outdo the socialist in the White House. If he isn't stopped or slowed down, we will have laws, restrictions and taxes in this state that we cannot live with, let alone afford.

Washington is already No. 1 in many of these liberal socialist arenas. Just look at our record before the current governor took office and add the acceleration of these agendas since his inauguration. It is pathetic and dangerous!

Both Gov. Jay Inslee and President Obama must push, pass, force or cram this agenda down the throats of citizens while they have the chance, because even the liberals among us will realize at some point where this is all going and note the overall harm it will produce.

Socialism, no matter how well intended, does not work. It has been proved many times in many places. We must wake up, although in this great state of Washington, the west side has the power, so God help us for the future!

EARL MARTIN, Kennewick

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