Letter: Chip seal dangerous

February 22, 2014 

Whoever is responsible for the travesty of applying chip seal on the streets of Kennewick should be fired. Or perhaps a better penance would be to give them a wheelbarrow, broom and shovel, and have them traverse our fair city scooping up all the gravel and crumbled debris that covers some of our most traveled roads and sidewalks.

What a disaster! Not only is it extremely dangerous, it is very unsightly, to say the least. As memory serves me, the city decided to apply this inferior product instead of repaving to save money -- what a crock of asphalt!

Well, if I may be so bold -- how is that working out for us? They spent, I believe, around $2 million and less than a year later, it is all coming loose, flying up onto everyone's car, and in my case, my face, because I ride my motorcycle.

If no one gets hurt from all of this "road junk," it will be a miracle. There will certainly be an increase in business for the folks who detail vehicles. So to the leaders of our booming little metropolis, what are you going to do about it?


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