Letter: Fading history

February 22, 2014 

Letter: Fading history

Kudos to Len Gustafson and all of the other octogenarians who donated so many hours over the years in sharing their real experiences and knowledge of the old reactors and process buildings at Hanford. Anybody who ever attended one of the B Reactor tours was treated to an experience that they should remember the rest of their lives.

Those of us at Hanford who followed in your large footsteps will always have a sense of awe for those of you who put your health and lives at risk as you explored the unknowns of nuclear reactions and energy.

The new facility, "The Hanford Reach Interpretative Center," will be a place where the Hanford site history will be of increasingly less value as perceived by the present and future "museum" management who will be more interested in promoting tourism for the wine industry rather than a bunch of old buildings, which, like the people who remember working in them, are just too expensive or inconvenient to keep around. My guess is that the Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science and Technology artifacts will end up in a Hanford waste dump and that the B Reactor Museum is destined to become just another cocooning project.


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