Letter: Congress -- Not McMorris Rodgers

February 22, 2014 

If last year's government shutdown was marked by a dangerous indifference coming from Congressional Republicans, House member Cathy McMorris Rodgers' possible ethics investigation might signal a beam of political despair for the Republican Party here in our 5th Congressional District and at the Capitol.

Accusations that McMorris Rodgers' mismanaged campaign funds and her notorious indifference toward crucial issues such as gun safety and long-due immigration reform threaten to mar her term as a House member.

McMorris Rodgers could eventually lose her seat to someone who is more open-minded, solutions-focused and a far cry from the unhealthy narrow-mindedness and social conservatism the Republicans are already famous for.

Voters should be mindful that McMorris Rodgers is so entrenched to end both, a modern and fair immigration law system and affordable health care from occurring here in this country. McMorris Rodgers, unlikely to support policies that benefit, not divide our country, should not expect to win her re-election.


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