Letter: Faith-based business sign

February 22, 2014 

Idea: Create a neutral "faith-based business" symbol enabling a business owner/practitioner to inform the public of its status as a faith-based entity. When a question arises, the customer will have prior notification that the business owner may decline to perform certain activities based on conscience under the First Amendment.

The symbol could be posted on a business card, storefront and website. When someone requests assistance in an abortion or suicide, a same-sex wedding, or any activity prohibited by federal, state or local laws, I would have clearly communicated my status as a faith-based business owner, thereby protecting me under the First Amendment.

Has anyone seen such a symbol in use? Allow the free market to deal with our current dilemma of "my right to be immoral" and "my right to be moral" in the workplace. People have to be able to function within their consciences and conduct business in integrity consistent with their faith. The Bible is not a very flexible text. Do not murder. Do not engage in homosexual behavior. There needs to be a way for the First Amendment rights of all citizens to be honored. Perhaps a national symbol could permanently resolve the current litigation dilemma.

SHELLY HANSEN, West Richland

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