Letter: Character and identity

February 22, 2014 

It should come as no surprise that America faces an array of tough issues requiring immediate action by our elected officials. Federal spending without restraint, an obsolete immigration policy and a complex imbalanced income tax code are just a few of the programs in need of special attention.

Unfortunately, both major parties (Republican and Democrat) have degenerated into a vicious circle of blame and finger-pointing, virtually stopping all positive progress and accountability. It appears that this "policy" in Washington, D.C., is becoming the character and identity of the federal government and is permeating throughout the country as a whole.

It is factually clear that George Washington and the founding fathers had envisioned America as a nation under God. That was their vision for the character and identity of this country.

Apparently, they and those coming after them for the next 200-plus years were wrong. We are much smarter and more freedom loving and permissible than they were. So what is the character and identity of America? Do nothing but complain, criticize and blame everybody else for our problems? A country and its ruling government without solid character and identity is a country in need of serious help.


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