Letter: The vision of NAWAPA

February 22, 2014 

Despite the Columbia River flow of 33,000 acre-feet per second past Kennewick and some recent rain and snowfall, we are desperately short of new exploitable water sources. Oregon and California have no appreciable snow packs and insufficient water for crops. Water tables are low and current storage is emptying.

The problem is not lack of water storage, U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings, but lack of sufficient moisture to replenish aquifers and augment stream flows.

We need to rethink our failure to exploit water running untapped back into the oceans.

The long delayed 1960s North American Water and Power Alliance project would capture water running into the North Sea. NAWAPA XXI would create millions of jobs not only through major construction projects in the west and far north of the continent, but also through the revitalization of the existing manufacturing base which will have to be expanded even before the first cubic yard of concrete is poured. The massive machinery and materials requirements needed for building the gigantic system of tunnels, power stations, pumping stations, canals, locks and dams of NAWAPA means millions of workers will be in hired from virtually every field of productive work, from construction trades to steelworkers, engineers, electricians and machinists.

For an overview of NAWAPA XXI see: tinyurl.com/pte5eto


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