Wrestling: Mid-Columbia area state qualifiers

February 20, 2014 

Mat Classix XXVI

Feb. 21-22

Tacoma Dome

(previous state placings in parentheses)


Chiawana, 4; Pasco, 2; Richland, 2

106: Bobby Guzman, jr., Pasco.

113: No qualifiers

120: No qualifiers

126: Timmy Martinez, jr., Pasco (2013: 1st at 120).

132: No qualifiers

138: Pryce Seely, sr., Richland (2013: 8th).

145: No qualifiers

152: Blake Bishop, sr., Chiawana.

160: No qualifiers

170: Tyler Vargas, jr., Chiawana.

182: No qualifiers

195: Levi McBride, soph., Chiawana.

220: Abzael Loeza, sr., Chiawana.

285: Nicholas Workman, soph., Richland.


Sunnyside, 8; Hanford, 4; Kamiakin, 3; Kennewick, 2; Southridge, 2

106: Jacob Mendoza, soph., Sunnyside; Elias Romero, fr., Sunnyside.

113: Tyler Almaguer, jr., Kamiakin; Blake Llarenas, jr., Hanford; Homer Romero, sr., Sunnyside (2013: 1st at 106); Jesse Torres, jr., Sunnyside (2013: 3rd at 106).

120: Jesse Barajas, sr, Sunnyside (2013: 1st at 113; 2012: 2nd at 106; 2011: 4th at 106); David Ramos, jr., Kennewick.

126: No qualifiers

132: Anthony Chavez, jr., Sunnyside; Damien Gooldy, jr., Kamiakin.

138: No qualifiers

145: Noe Palomino, sr., Sunnyside.

152: No qualifiers

160: Colton DeLeon, jr., Kamiakin.

170: Bryce Overholt, sr., Southridge (2013: 5th).

182: No qualifiers

195: Will Bishop, sr., Hanford (2013: 4th at 182); Isaac Palomino, soph., Sunnyside.

220: Robby Calvert, sr., Kennewick; Marcus Surita, sr., Southridge.

285: Dallon Grinder, sr., Hanford; Jeff Weyand, sr., Hanford.


Othello, 6; Grandview, 3

106: Isaiah Barrera, sr., Othello (2013: 3rd).

113: Fidel Medina, sr., Grandview.

120: No qualifiers

126: Reese Jones, fr., Othello.

132: Diego Castaneda, soph., Grandview; Manny Martinez, jr., Othello (2013: 4th at 120).

138: Joesiah Saunders, sr., Grandview (2013: 7th).

145: No qualifiers

152: No qualifiers

160: No qualifiers

170: Jesus Montes, sr., Othello.

182: No qualifiers

195: Anthony Ruiz, soph., Othello.

220: No qualifiers

285: Bubba Ruiz, sr., Othello (2013: 2nd).


Warden, 11; Kiona-Benton, 8; Royal, 6; Connell, 4; Columbia (Burbank), 2; Wahluke, 1

106: Jesus Dominguez, sr., Warden (2013: 5th); Oscar Ortiz, jr., Connell (2013: 8th).

113: Miguel Canales, jr., Warden (2013: 6th at 106); Kiki Chabolla, soph., Royal; Fernando Gomez, sr., Connell; Flavio Sandoval, fr., Kiona-Benton.

120: Seth Garcia, sr., Kiona-Benton; Carlos Hernandez, jr., Royal (2012: 7th).

126: Raul Martinez, soph., Warden.

132: Ramses Rodelo, sr., Warden (2013: 8th).

138: Lui Carrasco, jr., Columbia-Burbank; Saul Hinojosa, sr., Warden; Adrian Toscano, soph., Warden.

145: Roberto Orozco, sr., Connell (2013: 1st); Emilio Pruneda, jr., Warden.

152: Kareem Johnson, sr., Kiona-Benton.

160: Emilio Bustos, sr., Royal (2013: 6th; 2012: 8th); Isaiah Calloway, fr., Kiona-Benton.

170: Darrin Miller, soph., Royal; Exavier Treddenbarger, jr., Columbia-Burbank.

182: Carter Allred, sr., Royal; Cruz Del Angel, sr., Kiona-Benton (2013: 1st; 2012: 1st); Jack Yorgeson, sr., Wahluke (2013: 8th).

195: Matt Bartlett, soph., Royal; Nicholas Guerra, sr., Warden; Greg Heinen, sr., Connell (2013: 4th); Anthony Llerenas, fr., Kiona-Benton.

220: Tanner Cook, soph., Kiona-Benton; Mikey Hernandez, soph., Warden; Jerry Reyes, jr., Warden.

285: Joseph Pruneda, jr., Warden; Cody Zyph, sr., Kiona-Benton (2013: 1st; 2012: 4th at 220; 2011: 8th at 215).


No local wrestlers


Warden, 8; Sunnyside, 7; Othello, 6; Connell, 3; Chiawana, 2; Grandview, 2; Kiona-Benton, 2; Mabton, 2; Pasco, 2; Richland, 1; Royal, 1; Wahluke, 1

100: Deianeira Caudle, sr., Warden (2013: 2nd; 2012: 3rd; 2011: 8th); Brittnee Cook, jr., Kiona-Benton (2012: 4th); Levi Guerra, jr., Warden.

106: Marizza Birrueta, jr., Grandview (2013: 1st at 100; 2012: 6th at 100); Vanessa Morales, soph., Warden; Tamika Pierce, jr., Richland (2013: 8th).

112: Neomi Gutierrez, soph., Mabton; Tori Zambrano, sr., Othello.

118: Daisy Chavez, soph., Sunnyside; ; Tania Dominguez, soph., Warden; Marylou Martinez, sr., Chiawana.

124: Brea Diaz, sr., Royal; Nikki Velazquez, fr., Othello; Sydney Virgen, sr., Chiawana.

130: Jennifer Mendoza, soph., Warden; Jesenia Meza, sr., Mabton (2012: 8th); Desiree Zavala, soph., Grandview (2013: 1st).

137: Asusana Bartolo, sr., Wahluke; Phelicia Perez, sr., Othello; Tatum Sparks, jr., Othello (2013: 2nd at 124; 2012: 3rd at 124).

145: Alexa Castellanos, jr., Pasco; Elisa Gonzalez, fr., Kiona-Benton; Ashley Martinez, jr., Warden; Jackie Ramos, jr., Connell;

155: Aylin Bautista, fr., Sunnyside; Aneissa Gonzales, jr., Warden (2013: 8th; Jesse Lobos, soph., Pasco; Caily Mendez, soph., Connell.

170: Jessica Cardenas, jr., Sunnyside (2013: 3rd); Rosana Pena, fr., Othello.

190: Isabella Chavez, fr., Othello; Felisha Orozco, jr., Connell (2012: 2nd); Belen Torres, jr., Sunnyside.

235: Andrea Contreras, jr., Sunnyside (2013: 8th); Cassidy Ochoa, fr., Sunnyside; Alexandra Prado, fr., Warden; Jasmine Starke, jr., Sunnyside.

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