Letter: White? More like beige

February 20, 2014 

I enjoy reading the paper as part of my retired routine. Every now and then, the articles cause my blood pressure levels to rise. The article on the Feb. 10 front page, "Lawmakers urge NFL to rethink team name," was one example.

It is good to see members of Congress from each side of the aisle working together. But come on, do they not have more pressing issues to work on than worrying about the name Redskins? How about the budget, the war in Afghanistan and immigration, to name a few.

If senators and congressmen would just do the job they have been elected to do and do it together, this country would be in better shape.

If the name Redskins offends the Indians, how about the people called "white men." I have never seen a white man or for that matter a white woman. So, how about that, Congress? Can you get that changed while you are at it?


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