Mid-Columbia births for Wed, Feb 19, 2014

February 19, 2014 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

DEAN -- Amy and Shawn, Richland, girl, Feb. 12.

ADAMS -- Jill and Travis, Pasco, boy, Feb. 12.

MERZ-BUSHMAN -- Lisa and Brian Rackley, Pasco, girl, Feb. 12.

VALENCIA -- Noemi and Heriberto Jr., Kennewick, girl, Feb. 12.

MONTEJANO -- Maria, Richland, boy, Feb. 12.

COCHRAN -- Kendel and Toby, Connell, girl, Feb. 13.

HALL -- Sylvia and Tyler, West Richland, boy, Feb. 13.

WOODFORD -- Pearl and Josh, Richland, girl, Feb. 13.

FIFE -- Sandra and Joshua, Pasco, boy, Feb. 13.

DAHL -- Stephanie and Brett, Richland, boy, Feb. 13.

TIERNEY -- Maria and Bill, Richland, boy, Feb. 14.

WALKER -- Penny and Ben, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 14.

JORDAN -- Shannon and Clint, Pasco, girl, Feb. 14.

GARCIA -- Dorien and Aaron Sanchez, Grandview, boy, Feb. 14.

GAONA -- Maria and Jose, Finley, boy, Feb. 14.

CORTEZ -- Valentina, Prosser, girl, Feb. 14.

SLIGAR -- Carli and Alex, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 15.

MATSON -- Katie and Duane, Pasco, girl, Feb. 15.

FOWLER -- Christine and Shawn, Richland, girl, Feb. 16.

TRUJILLO -- Isabella and David, Prosser, boy, Feb. 16.

POPPE -- Shelbi and Brian, West Richland, boy, Feb. 16.

ERICKSON -- Shantel and Felix Cruz, Pasco, girl, Feb. 16.

FERNANDEZ -- Elizabeth, Pasco, boy, Feb. 16.

ALTON -- Taylor and Cody Greenwalt, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 16.

DAVILA -- Sara and Arnulfo, Pasco, boy, Feb. 16.

TORRES -- Angelica and Adison Ramiro, Pasco, girl, Feb. 17.

MORGAN -- Shara and Douglas, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 17.

DILLON -- Kelsie and Justin Grimes, Richland, boy, Feb. 17.

MENESES -- Beatriz and Gabriel Villasenor, Pasco, boy, Feb. 18.

MOSES -- Nichole and Dennis, Richland, boy, Feb. 18.

Trios Health, Kennewick

MILLER -- Heather and Kevin, Pasco, girl, Feb. 12.

LARA -- Adelina and Marcos Aparicio, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 13.

SHELTON -- Nicole and Craig, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 12.

CLAYTON -- Kelly and Bradley, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 12.

RAMIREZ -- Celia and Abraham Pantoja, Pasco, boy, Feb. 14.

TAPIA -- Noemi and Mayorico Trejo, Pasco, boy, Feb. 14.

AGUILAR-GUILLEN -- Romelia and Martin, Pasco, girl, Feb. 15.

ANDRADE -- Brittany and Arturo, Connell, girl, Feb. 12.

HAMZAH -- Asmahan and Kareem Hasan, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 10.

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