Letter: Mammoth opportunity for learning south of Kennewick

February 18, 2014 

The Seattle Times and Tri-City Herald recently reported on the unearthing of a Mammoth tusk in Seattle. What a great opportunity for Seattleites to witness science in action!

Tri-Citians also can experience science in action at their own mammoth site. Just a few miles south of Kennewick is the Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site (CCMS). It is staffed by professionals and laypersons who volunteer their time and resources to do real science right here in our own backyard.

Since its opening in 2010, the dig site has yielded a number of mammoth bones, including a mandible, humerus, scapula, numerous ribs, vertebrae and other bones, and other paleontological, geologic and paleoecologic findings. Many of these findings have been presented at national and regional scientific conferences.

The 2014 dig season is expected to start in late March or early April, but research and educational opportunities are likely to last for years to come. Many local educators and students have taken advantage of this tremendous educational resource through field trips, special classes and individual research projects. Public tours are offered on a monthly basis and volunteers are welcome.

For more information, go to tinyurl.com/CCmammoth

GARY KLEINKNECHT, CCMS education director, Kennewick

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