Letter: More on rabbits

February 18, 2014 

In regard to the recent letter, "Pet rabbit info," by Darcy Sherman. I have been a local rabbit breeder for more than 20 years, a 4-H leader for 15 years and past president of our local rabbit club.

I agree rabbits are very misunderstood pets! Rabbits rarely do not live to 15 years of age, they don't need play time and it's more dangerous to spay or neuter them. Most vets do not know about rabbits, and anesthesia can be very hard on the rabbits.

A local rabbit breeder has been taking her rabbits to retirement homes for the past 25 years as pet therapy. The rabbits do great and the residents love it. Rabbits do not need a "friend." They usually don't bond together and do well by themselves.

Children who live in the city are able to participate in local fairs, showing and even selling their rabbits to raise money for college. Rabbits can be used for pets, show and even meat. It is best not to base everything you believe from what you get off the Internet. Talk to an actual breeder, an FFA participant or 4-H member to get the real story! And as with any pet, rabbits do take a big commitment.


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