Letter: 10th Avenue hustle

February 18, 2014 

In response to Matt Taylor's recent letter to the editor regarding the speed limit on 10th Avenue. Having read many of Matt's previous letters to the editor, I know that he was being facetious. He may be in a hurry to get to a hockey game, but to the mall, I think not!

I, too, am frequently a pebble in the stream along that stretch of road. Even worse, I frequently need to make a left-hand turn while heading east, and cross through those racing cars heading from 395 to the mall.

My children had to cross that road to get to middle school, and I frequently watched drivers putting on makeup, talking on cellphones and speeding through a crosswalk that had a flagged guard. Yikes!

Yes, this is a main road through Kennewick, but it is also a road through many family neighborhoods. So, Matt, continue driving the speed limit; you will get to the game on time. Kennewick police, continue passing out tickets and taking a bite out of the money those speeders have to spend at the mall!

And, Desert Hills Middle School crossing guards, thank you for continuing to cross our children safely across this busy neighborhood street!


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