Mid-Columbia births for Tue, Feb 18, 2014

February 18, 2014 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

MADRIGAL -- Esmeralda and Daniel Valle, Pasco, girl, Feb. 5.

SHORT -- Nicole, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 6.

NICKOLAUS -- Heather and Dan, Richland, girl, Feb. 6.

MADRIGAL -- KaSandra and Justin Larson, Richland, girl, Feb. 6.

HARTER -- Debbi and Spencer Butterfield, Pasco, boy, Feb. 6.

ESPARZA -- Leslie and Brian, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 6.

WODEHOUSE -- Barbara and Cristobal Sanchez-Metz, Richland, boy, Feb. 6.

GONZALEZ -- Emely and Joel Hernandez, Othello, boy, Feb. 6.

SCOTT -- Heather and David Metzker, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 7.

DUFFIN -- Nora and Andrew, West Richland, girl, Feb. 7.

MORGAN -- Molly and Jeff, West Richland, boy, Feb. 7.

FLOYD -- Minnie and Chris Roggenkamp, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 7.

RICHMOND -- Amey and Mike Wilson, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 7.

BURDEN -- Heather and Alex, Pasco, boy, Feb. 7.

TROUT -- Rachel and Paul, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 7.

VALDEZ -- Ciera, Connell, girl, Feb. 8.

LOWRY -- Harmony, Mesa, girl, Feb. 8.

MKOMA -- Hawa, PAsco, girl, Feb. 8.

REYNOLDS -- Karen and Jacob, Richland, girl, Feb. 8.

BARRAGAN -- Carmen and Jose, Richland, girl, Feb. 8.

SMITH -- Erika and Mario Mata, Richland, girl, Feb. 8.

MANTAY -- Svetlana and Sergey, Pasco, twins, boy and girl, Feb. 8.

HAWKINS -- Polly and Tanner, Pendleton, Ore., boy, Feb. 8.

QUEZADA -- Deanna, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 9.

CARRERA -- Janelle and Tony, Hermiston, girl, Feb. 9.

CRUZ -- Leida and Christian Lopez, Richland, girl, Feb. 9.

HOTTELL -- Delina and Daniel, Pasco, boy, Feb. 9.

NELSON -- Shawnna and Kyle, Pasco, girl, Feb. 10.

RIVERA -- Shamae and Adam Orosco, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 10.

CRUZ -- Martha and Hugo, Pasco, boy, Feb. 10.

FLORES -- Juanita and Andres Mendoza, Pasco, boy, Feb. 10.

LORD -- Jessica, Benton City, boy, Feb. 10.

BARAJAS -- Melissa and Salvador, Pasco, girl, Feb. 10.

PARTIDA -- Yesenia and Arik Gonzalez, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 10.

MAHUIKA -- Chelsea and Kyle, Wenatchee, girl, Feb. 11.

GIBSON -- Ariel and Cody Rotter, Kennewick, boy, Feb. 11.

YALE -- Heather and Doug, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 11.

CONTRERAS -- Maria, Kennewick, girl, Feb. 11.

SCHMITT -- Marissa and Philipp, Pasco, boy, Feb. 12.

MORROW -- Danielle and Jeramy Meyer, Pasco, boy, Feb. 12.

MELENDREZ -- Jennifer and Ricardo, West Richland, boy, Feb. 8.

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